One of the most fascinating elements of Buenos Aries is the graffiti. This city explodes with graffiti. When you think of the past, of the years of terrified silence, when to speak out against the government meant certain arrest, torture and death — it is amazing to see all the walls of the city today. Walls […]

We took a walk from the ship to the Casa Rosita, that is Argentina’s “White House.’ We walked through the port area and along Avenue Florida, which is a pedestrian walkway that is a little faded with time and hard times. I was surprised to see so much protesting all around the Casa Rosita. There is graffiti on stone […]

On most of our port visits a US diplomat from the local Embassy comes on the ship first thing in the morning before we talked  about the Townships outside of Cape T own. He said, “don’t go there, there is no reason to go to a Township – they are dangerous”. When one student asked about taking […]

This was my third time docked in Cape Town, which means I have spent a total of 15 days in South Africa and every one of those days has been full of contrasting experiences. Between a safari into the far north where a herd of about 100 elephants suddenly and silently appeared out of the bushes to my […]

You know, you see the movies and read the books, and I even remember the news stories about Apartheid (what a strange word) in South Africa — so, visiting the museum in District 6 was not a big surprise. What is surprising is seeing the vacant area around District 6. This is the area where Black people […]

First night in Cape Town, South Africa, after five days at sea, we went out for dinner on a rainy windy night in the harbour front port – which is now a tourist area. All the seats inside were full, so the restaurant gave us blankets to wrap ourselves up with as we ate and drank until […]

This castle has blocked me. I wish I could just NOT write about my visit to this disgusting and horrible place — as Joseph Conrad wrote: “The horror, the horror.” Indeed, on the day it was time to give my lecture on the middle passage, I froze. My students are understanding and many of them had also […]

This is the story of a quest in Ghana to watch the fishermen launch their boats and hear them sing their work songs. I love to go where I am not expected and to watch what is not a performance. This is George, our taxi driver. After an exhilarating 3 hour taxi ride down the […]

We sailed away from Cape Town, South Africa yesterday. Since I last sat down to reflect on this voyage, I have spent 3 days on Turnerife Island, on of the larger of the Canary Islands off the coast of Spain, and then six days at sea voyaging to Tema, Ghana, I have a short story […]

We have just sailed away from Cape Town – and I am confused as to where in the world I have been. I will let these photos speak for themselves – this is Lisbon, where racism has not been washed away –  these are pictures to contrast.